DC Comics: The Flash 3D Wood Model

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The IncrediBuilds DC Comics: Flash Book and 3D Wood Model Kit features a do-it-yourself, paintable, customizable and collectible 3-D wooden model based on one of the most powerful and popular Super Heroes in the DC Universe!

As The Flash of Earth Three, Jay Garrick dawns his metallic helmet and uses it as a symbol of hope to inspire the people in his universe. Now Flash fans can build their own model of the speedster’s helmet with this IncrediBuilds kit.

The included 32-page book is packed with information on parallel Earths, speedsters from across the multiverse, the Speed Force itself, and the Flash who started it all, Barry Allen. The wood model is easy to assemble and snaps together to form a dynamic, displayable 3D model of Jay Garrick’s helmet.


Ages: 8+

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