Friday the 13th - Jason Burst-A-Box

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Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood - Jason Voorhees Burst-A-Box


Introducing the Burst-A-Box! A pop culture infused twist on the beloved toy that’s been scaring kids for generations - the Jack-in-the-Box.


The infamous Crystal Lake Killer is the lucky first in line, getting ready to scare unsuspecting campers. Based on Friday the 13th Part VII, the Jason Voorhees Burst-A-Box is approximately 14” tall (when popped) and is designed on his appearance in the film, featuring a cracked hockey mask to expose the rotting monster underneath. Jason comes hidden in a finely detailed tin music box and has a clothed spring to replicate his costume in the film.


The Jason Voorhees Burst-A-Box comes packaged pre-popped out of his tin in a window-box for display.

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