Us Pop! Pre-Order Bundle (Set of 5)

Ship est. Metro $5.00 Rural $15.00
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Release Date: 30th November 2019 (estimated)

Us Pop! Pre-Order Bundle

Funko’s terrifying new wave of Us Pop! Vinyl Figures features not only Adelaide Wilson with her chains and firepower, but also the doppelgänger’s with their weapons. We’ve got Red with oversized scissors, Abraham with bat, Umbrae with scissors and Pluto with his mask. Oh and don’t forget to look out for the creepy Pluto Unmasked CHASE!

Bundle includes:

- Adelaide with Chains & Fire Poker Pop! Vinyl Figure

- Pluto with Mask (Chance of Chase) Pop! Vinyl Figure

- Abraham with Bat Pop! Vinyl Figure

- Umbrae with Scissors Pop! Vinyl Figure

- Red with Oversized Scissors Pop! Vinyl Figure

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