X-Men - Weapon X Wolverine Pop! !E RS

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X-Men - Weapon X Wolverine Pop! Vinyl Figure

The highly anticipated (and incredibly awesome) latest installment in the Wolverine film franchise, ?Logan?, has finally arrived! To celebrate, Funko have released a whole new line of Logan-themed Pop! vinyls to add to your collection.

Here we have one of the coolest Wolverine Funko items to date; the Weapon X Wolverine Pop! Vinyl!

Weapon X is a secret government genetic research facility project, which turns willing and unwilling beings into living weapons. The project often captures mutants and does experiments on them to enhance their abilities or superpowers, turning them into dangerous weapons. They also mutate baseline humans. The Weapon X Project produced characters such as Deadpool, Leech and obviously, Wolverine.

You?ve seen the movie, now add him to your Pop! Vinyl collection!

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