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Trollhunters - Aaarrrgghh!!! Pop! Vinyl Figure (RS)

Straight from beneath Arcadia come these adorable new Trollhunters Pop! Vinyl figures from Funko!

Trollerhunters is a Netflix animated series that follows the story of a secret civilisation of trolls that live beneath Arcadia, which humans are oblivious to.

This Pop! features Aaarrrgghh!!!, Jim's ally who has a deep bond with Toby. He was born a Krubera troll but joined the Gumm-Gumm army, however after his traumatising experience there, he became a self-proclaimed pacifist and remains guilty about his past. Despite his peaceful demeanor, he will fight with all his considerable strength to protect those he cares about.

Add him to your Funko collection today!

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